Why should I consider working with you?

I work well under pressure. I'm a good team member. I go above and beyond to meet deadlines. I'm very verastile and supportive. I'm very good at managing projects from concept to deployment and I love working out solutions to complex problems.

What current services do you offer?

Design workshops, user stories, personas, scenarios, user journeys, rapid prototyping, wireframes, interactive prototyping, user testing, user interface design, front end development, functionality specifications, style guides, quality assurance

How do you tend to start new projects?

Starting with the discovery stage, I gather all the data, research and business requirements. During which I conduct a full audit of any existing product or service.

Who are some of the companies or brands you have worked with?

Rightmove, Barclays, Open Banking, British Heart Foundation, Mporium, Ogilvy, McSaatchi

Can you tell me the difference between hiring a UX and a UI designer?

A UX designer creates the infrastructure of the website/app and the UI designer creates the design eg what it will finally look like. So things like wireframes, user stories and even prototyping would be done be the UX designer. The UI designer would then work with these to create the detailed version of the project. I worked in companies where I have just been hired to do the UX and in others where I did both the UX and the UI.

Do you work on-site or just remotely?

I can work on-site or remotely.