Open Banking

I was hired directly by Open Banking to provide full UX support to both the Specifications and Read Write teams to facilitate testing and adoption for early 2018 launch. I worked within an agile team that consisted of analysts, customer service managers and developers. Some of my deliverables included the creation of clearly defined user scenarios, hi-fi annotated wireframes and interactive prototypes.

It is important to understand how different users have different requirements when it comes to banking and how customers can effectively share their banking details with third parties safely and securely following the strictest of banking requirements.

We were able to understand why certain users were reluctant to provide information to third party providers as users were wary of online scammers. Language is very important and it was vital that we used clear instructions help users to fully understand what they were giving their consent too. We also had to adhere to the GPDP requirements ensuring information was not hidden behind terms and conditions.




UX & UI Design