InCommon developed a unique app designed to connect people who share the same interests. It simplifies the problem of meeting new people. Simple to use and easy to register. Users set up their profile using existing Facebook or Google details. The App is being targeted to users who use social media networks, dating websites and friendship networks.
  • RoleUX Designer
  • AgencyFreelance
  • Date15.05.2014

The beginning

I spent over 6 months compiling research about social dating apps and finding ways to make InCommon unique. I then prepared a proposal to present to potential investors. This resulted in finding 2 investors who came on board to launch the app in 2014.
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I also covered branding and come up with the name InCommon which I felt stems up what the app is all about which is finding people you share similar interests or interests you have in common. The logo represents two people coming together with a common interest. The 2 interlocking circles with the solid fill in the centre represents what they have in common.
Initially, I just wanted to do the UX of the app, but ended up having to also do all the UI as the designers I hired lacked the true passion to ensure it was pixel perfect and in line with the UX requirements.
I spent a considerable amount of time designing every screen as it was important for the app to not only look good, but to be easy to use and understand. From the fonts used to the selected colours, my focus was on applying best practices and making an app which stood out in terms of look and feel.

wireframes image
wireframes image


As I was working with overseas developers who for them english was not their first language, I had to find a way of successfully communicating with them. I found the perfect solution was to also create screen by screen comparisons of each page.
Each comparison would show the designed page and show the app’s version of the page. I looked for inconsistencies such as layout, font sizes, colours etc. I expected it to be as close to the final designs as possible. This was done for both iPhone and Android versions which consisted of over 60 screens each. And every single one needed to be checked and signed off.
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wireframes image

The Relaunch

InCommon will be relaunched this year after a 3 year break. It will consist of a complete new design and some new features. The MVP launch is planned for July/August 2019. Available for both iPhone and Android users.