NCUB had received government funding to develop Konfer, an online tool connecting SME’s with universities and research centres. The EC’s Horizon 2020 initiative are offering €70 billion to support small businesses with R & D. A consortia of universities and small companies are encouraged to bid towards project funding.
  • RoleUX Designer
  • AgencyDirect contact
  • Date15.05.2018

user testing

Tasked with improving the user awareness of the web app and increase retention rates. First I carried out an audit of the existing website and then organised user testing sessions with small-medium size business owners. And by conducting onsite user testing several major issues were identified.
wireframes image
wireframes image
Next steps

Design Solutions

After analysing the data from the 6 testers, new recommendations were put into place. This included improving visual design and refining the flow of viewing search results.