I started by conducting detailed user research including design workshops with the internal team. The purpose of the workshop was to generate enthusiasm and to clarify overall understanding of the project. Teams engaged in highly collaborative ideation sessions. Presenting concepts including sketches, personas, triads and pyramids. We worked together to explore as much insight as possible within the allocated time.

Internal user testing was conducted using wireframes and interactive prototypes. I identified challenges when asking users to carry out tasks and completing goals. Insights from these customer interviews were mapped out into customer journeys and a final user testing report. The findings were accompanied by personas which provided stakeholders with a clearer picture of their actual target audience.

I mapped out key stages in the customer user journeys and how the business currently addressed the needs of the customers. This provided a good basis to begin to provide relevant and appropriate design solutions.

After the UX and UI was finalised for project I created an online style guide to improve product consistency and team efficiency. It’s intended to streamline the workflow for designers and developers by providing consist guidelines and methodologies. There will be space for flexibility and the guide can be expanded to suit changing product needs. Benefits include faster time to market, increased product value and less wasted resources.


Web Application
Native Mobile Application


UX & UI Design

Wireframe created in Axure RP

Advanced wireframe version created in Axure RP