As my work on the BHF project was coming to an end, the PM for the Tech Data project wanted me to come on board and focus on the UX and UI for the application they needed to create. Working closely with the data solution architect, I created effective and easy to understand charts.
  • RoleUX Designer
  • AgencyNew Signature
  • Date07.01.2019

data visualisation

The main challenge was dealing with the restrictions within Power BI to create effective data visualisation using the charting tools. Data was imported into Power BI and charts were created to display the information. Although I didn’t have any previous experience of using Power BI, I did some research, read tutorials and began to get my head around it including the limitations of the software.

user research

The reports had already been created but they hadn’t been considered when it come to the usability of the charts.
I spent a lot of time when it came to the vital aspect of the charts especially the colours and the labelling. I worked with the data analysts to make sure the right information was being displayed within the charts.


Working with colours proved to be eventful as I had to take into consideration accessibility options eg the contrast ratio against the background. I spent time creating colour palettes. As the colours had to work with the data which was being represented in the reports.

Interactive Prototype

I created interactive html prototypes for this year's Integrated Systems Europe Exhibition being held in Amsterdam on 5th February 2019. One for online and one for offline just incase of no internet connection. The prototype was first presented to Microsoft and then shown at the exhibition. Microsoft was so impressed with the prototype that they decided to present it on the major displays at the exhibition. Creating the prototypes was not part of my job spec, but as time was short and we didn’t have a front end developer, I stepped in.