Value vs Cost

Some clients just focus on how much a project is going to cost rather than the value you will get from hiring the right person. I feel that sometimes the lowest price gets you designers who are used to bargaining for work and don’t value themselves or their work.

Whilst working on my own projects, I’ve had to hire both designers and developers. And in my experience, I found the cheaper designers lacked attention to detail and never came up with any innovate creative solutions. And the developers failed to fully test their code and in most cases they were full of bugs which in effect rendered the code useless.

As the saying goes, you really do get what you pay for. When I pay a premium price for a product e.g a bag, I expect the quality to be better than most. The quality of the material, the stitching and the overall attention to detail is far superior than a £5 bag brought in a market. I feel the same concept applies to design. Cheaper designers do not really understand colour theory or typography when creating pieces of digital art. They are happy with any colour, font and in same cases have a lack of attention to layouts, including spacing.

When I talk to my friends about my rates, they wonder why I don’t reduce them and get other lower paying contracts and to be honest when I’ve done this in the past, the client wrongly assumed that I provide a lower quality service which I don’t. I can’t switch off my skillset because I am getting paid less. I work the same as if I was getting my normal rate. So now I just turn down projects that are under the market rate as I will not be lowering the quality of my work.

I like working for clients who want the best outcome for their project and they are prepared to find the right person for the job who will deliver the best results. They are not prepared to sacrifice quality over the cost. I see myself as a valued business partner who can help your business benefit from my consultancy rather than a hired keyboard monkey.

So if you don’t care about how much the result is worth, then feel free to continue to look for the cheapest option as your focus is on getting the job done even if it is not the right outcome.